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What do colors mean? Colors represent different things, trigger different memories. Colors have a wide variety of meanings for different people. Colors spark different things for people. Some relate the color pink to a girl and blue to a boy, other people may relate blue to sadness. There is a wide variety of different colors we can see through many things In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Death is the narrator and often connects the souls he collects to different colors. The color he sees normally represents something such as white may mean they are pure and innocent. Zusak portrays Death as a witty, sarcastic character, yet there is a deeper part of Death he has experienced so much and the colors are a way for him to connect to the human world. The theme of color can be found throughout the novel through Death and his life-changing experiences, Zusak shows the power of colors through Liesel, Death and other characters. Colors often represent a bigger picture of what is going on. Liesel often used colors to describe things, such as Papa’s eyes. “They were made of kindness, and silver (Zusak 34).” This implies the bond that has yet to come with Liesel and Papa. The importance of the silver eyes is that Liesel finds comfort in his eyes even though he was a stranger. The comfort Liesel found in his eyes even with the terrible situation. ”She especially loved to see him hit the silver, sparkled button- the C major” (Zusak 38). ” The significance of the color silver is like a

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  • Symbolism In Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony

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    The book Ceremony written by Leslie Marmon Silko is the story of a young man named Tayo. After returning from the war in Japan, Tayo experiences PTSD and hopes that he can heal himself by reconnecting with his native culture. Along the way, Tayo encounters many people who share their wisdom and ultimately help Tayo begin to feel whole again. To follow Tayo’s healing process, we must understand the significance of colors - in particular yellow, blue and white - and what they symbolize throughout the story.

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  • Examples Of Narrative Tension In The Book Thief

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    Markus Zusak uses all three forms of narrative tension in his story, The Book Thief, but it is clear that anticipation is the most used out of all of them. An early example of this is when Zusak uses anticipation at the beginning of the section, The Eclipse, to gain the reader's attention. Zusak foreshadows the future by using colors associated with certain events.Zusak starts The Eclipse by saying, “Next is the signature black, to show the poles of my versatility, if you like. It was the darkest moment before dawn.” (Zusak 9). Black is a color that is often associated with death and despair. The reader is anticipating that something unfortunate will happen, but isn’t exactly sure about what will take place. It’s not clear if any characters will die, or if the book thief will live. Since the author mentions the color black, the reader is left to anticipate the tragic events that will soon unfold.

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  • The Importance Of Family In The Book Thief

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    Most people say that blood runs thicker than water, but in this book that is not the case. In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, family is shown in an extremely unique way. Generally, when people imagine the average model family, they see a family that has money, a family that is prim and proper and usually, a family that is biologically related. Though, family in this book is based on shared hardships and having faith in each other, not by blood relation.

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  • Theme Of Beauty In The Book Thief

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    Liesel’s life represents beauty in the wake of brutality. Beauty in the wake of brutality means something that is good in the middle of evil. For example, the Sodom and Gomorrah story in the Bible (Genesis 19). The two cities are evil and God is going to destroy them but there is one family that is good and he saves them. The family represents beauty in the wake of brutality. In the Book Thief, Liesel’s life represents beauty in the wake of brutality in her relationship with Ilsa Hermann, in her relationship with Rudy, and in the Hubermann’s house.

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  • Examples Of Ugliness In The Book Thief

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    Liesel had one main reason to be ugly as she was a thief as she stole books from the mayor's library without his permission. He also tried to steal Max’s book a couple of times in the beginning of the movie. But Liesel also has a beautiful side as she is very curious and motivated to learn. Liesel wanted to read books and valued them as if they were priceless. She was interested in learning and reading which helped her improve her knowledge. Liesel definitely had both an ugly and beautiful side which contributed to her lifestyle.

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  • Relationships In The Book Thief

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    “It’s just a small story really, about, among other things: a girl, some words, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist fighter, and quite a lot of thievery…” (Zusak, pg. 5)

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  • Symbolism Of Color In The Great Gatsby

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    The colors in the novel bear a rich symbolic and emotional potential. In this novel, the author makes extensive use of color, which acquire the symbolic value and serve as a tool for the disclosure of the artistic world. Colors become an integral part of the character of the world and reveal their nature, serve as a means of an opposition of some characters to each other. In addition, every writer, along with the traditional associations, also has its own individual vision of color symbolism. Therefore, in order to understand the true meaning of the work, it is necessary to understand these implications.

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  • The Importance Of Words In The Book Thief

    978 Words |4 Pages

    To Heal and to Hurt: The Importance of Words in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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  • What Does The Color Green Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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    The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, deploys color symbolism in order to further develop characters and the plot. Fitzgerald’s use of color symbolism within The Great Gatsby not only defines the characters but adds depth to them. The most recognized color within the novel is “the single green light, minute and far away, that might have been the end of a dock” (26). In addition to the green light, there are many other colors within the novel that embody characters, objects, and ideas. The most significant and memorable colors, other than green, are white and yellow, both of which are intertwined in Fitzgerald’s fictional world of materialism and scandal. The colors white, yellow, blue, and green shape the novel’s characters and plot, resulting in a vivid story of love and blind pursuance.

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  • St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves Short Story

    1067 Words |5 Pages

    There are many literary devices used across stories. Color imagery is one of these literary devices that is used when colors give objects a symbolic meaning. In the short story “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell, girls who have been raised as wolves are thrust into the unknown as they are forced to adapt to human society. Their childhood was spent living with wolves, however they are taken in by nuns of St. Lucy’s who attempt to assimilate them into the human world through different phases. Throughout the story, color imagery is used to emphasize the key theme of unity, establish the conflicted tone, and metaphorically develop Claudette’s character.

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  • Brutality In The Book Thief

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    Even death, a metaphysical entity understands the full spectrum of experiences Liesel has gone through. Death unfruitfully “[tries to tell the book thief many things] about beauty and brutality” but “he couldn’t tell her [things she already knew]” (550). Deaths inability to inform Liesel about countless struggle and resilience towards it demonstrates Liesel’s innate understanding of hardship. Death decides not to tell Liesel anything due to the fact that she has culminated an immense understanding of her experiences on both sides of the beauty spectrum, and it is because of this understanding Liesel grows stronger in her resilience towards further hardship. Evidence of Liesel’s struggle starts early on with the death of her brother, as well as her abandonment by her mother. Because of this abandonment, she is given the opportunity to find beauty within the care of the Hubermanns. Using Hans, or Papa, as a crutch, Liesel derives beauty quickly from the recent past. Liesel, though still coping is able to see her foster father as “her new papa [that] soothed and [loved her]” due to the realization that “trust was [built quickly between them] [because of his gentleness, and presence]” (36). In order to realize the blessing of Han’s presence in Liesel’s life,

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  • White Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

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    The symbolism of the color white appear several times in the book. But, there was one scene that stood out. The author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about the color of white in the scene where Nick is visiting Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Fitzgerald described what happens when Nick was going on a trip with Gatsby in his car, “-only half, for as we twisted among the pillars of the elevated I heard the familiar “jug-jug-spat!” of a motor cycle, and a frantic policeman rode alongside. “All right, old sport,” called Gatsby. We slowed down. Taking a white card from his wallet he waved it before the man’s eyes. “Right you are,” agreed the policeman, tipping his cap. “Know you next time, Mr. Gatsby. Excuse me!” (72). This scene shows how Gatsby is driving

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  • Color In The Book Thief Essay

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    Color is a huge part of how people view different emotions and feelings. For an example, when people see the color black, they may feel darkness and loneliness. Using color as a description in books can really help the reader better understand what the author is trying to get across. Color can mean so much more than shades and tints, it can show true meaning and emotion. It's proven that warm colors trigger thoughts of happiness, energy, and optimism. Cooler colors can be more soothing and calming, but can also invoke thoughts of sadness. Many people see colors differently though. If someone had a terrible experience with a certain color, when people saw the certain color it could trigger them to think about what happened. In The Book Thief,

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  • The Book Thief Narrative Essay

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    Markus Zusak has assembled ‘The Book Thief’ using a variety of narrative conventions. These include a unique narrative viewpoint, plot structure and use of imagery, all of which provide meaning to the reader.

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